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Campus Safety

campus safety team

Beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, Sgt. Anthony Palmer and Sgt. Brittany Whitcomb of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office will be on-site School Resource Officers at each of our campuses. Their role is to help maintain a safe and secure school environment and provide a highly visible presence at each campus. In addition to these roles, our LCA SRO’s will build relationships with students that go beyond the school hallways.

school safety

LCA is committed to providing safe and effective learning environments for every child, faculty member, and staff person. The school’s Executive Leadership Team, along with the school’s Safety Resource Officers, developed and will continue to update LCA’s Emergency Management Plan to maximize the safety and welfare of all students, visitors, faculty, and staff by promoting emergency preparedness at both campuses. Read more here.

lost and found

The Campus Safety Office is also responsible for lost and found items. If you or your student have lost or misplaced an item at either LCA Campus, please contact the receptionist for that campus and make a report of the lost and found item. The Campus Safety Team will then attempt to locate items.

  • Anonymous Tip

  • All tips or information entered here is sent directly to the Campus Safety Team. You may choose to remain anonymous, but do have the option of leaving contact information below if you wish to be contacted.

  • If you would like Officer Hart to contact you, please enter your informtion below.


Sgt. Anthony Palmer

Sgt. Brittany Whitcomb