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Biblical Worldview


LCA provides an environment of learning centered in a Biblical Worldview, dependent on a high-level quality curriculum, administered by caring, well-equipped, Christian educators.

At LCA, we intentionally examine all subject areas through the lens of the Bible. Our educators equip students with a Biblical worldview through addressing the Biblical purpose for studying the topic, connecting and comparing assumptions in their fields of study, and evaluating worldview questions in their content area. Students come to the realization that God is present in all facets of life, and that Scripture is our ultimate source of truth.

LCA is accredited through Cognia (formerly Advanced Ed)

2022-23 LCA Curriculum Guide

We are committed to a comprehensive education program that partners with parents and the church in the academic, spiritual, and social development of students, Pre-K – 12th grade. At Lexington Christian Academy we believe students can learn and succeed in a loving environment where expectations are high. Teachers understand that children are unique, and do not all share the same learning style. Teachers take time to learn the individual strengths and weaknesses of each student and strive to provide a wide array of educational methods to implement instruction. LCA strives to provide consistently challenging curriculum to benefit all learners. Each grade-level or content area team works together to identify individual student needs and abilities, and then develops strategies to address those needs effectively. Lexington Christian Academy is dedicated to continual pursuit of academic excellence. The scope and sequence of the school as a whole is based on national and state standards for core academic areas and special areas including music, art, physical education, foreign languages and robotics. 

Click here for the 2022-23 LCA Curriculum Guide

Lisa Bacon 
Assistant Head of School/ Director of Curriculum and Instruction