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Junior High

Junior high is an ever-changing, exciting, and challenging time. Young teens thrive on attention from others, need acceptance from peers and desire to know more about the world around them. They are developmentally at the season of their lives when habits, character and values become solidified. It is our goal to provide a safe, secure, and encouraging environment where students grow in their independence and develop academically, socially, and spiritually as they prepare for high school.

Our junior high curriculum is comprised of Bible, English, history, math, PE, science and an elective of the student’s choice. In addition, there is great emphasis on the moral development of each student by providing opportunities to develop personal integrity, leadership skills, and a desire to serve. Our weekly chapel programs, led by the junior high Spiritual Life Director, provide opportunities for students to grow spiritually, while outreach and mission programs help them put their faith into action.

Your junior high student will enjoy: 

Activities such as athletic teams, fine arts programs, honor societies, outreach programs, robotics team and student government

1-to-1 laptops

Enrichment opportunities such as the Duke Talent Identification Program, field trips, Junior High Expo, Spirit Week, Veterans Day Chapel, and more

We are convinced that above all else children should know and understand God’s love. We teach students to delight in God’s Word and his Truth. The students will pray daily and will also attend a weekly chapel that is especially geared for junior high students. 


Coleman Marshall, Ed. S. 
6th-8th Grade Principal

Lea Clark 
6th-8th Grade Asst. Principal



This weekly podcast is hosted by Mr. Joel Simpson, 6th-8th Spiritual Life Director and features topics that affect the lives of middle school students in many different ways.