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Student Support Services

Academic success is defined differently for every student. The Student Support Services program at Lexington Christian Academy is designed to assist students, elementary through high school, who need intervention in area(s) of reading, mathematics, written expression, and/or executive functioning skills. The goal of the program is to help students develop academic skills and apply instructional strategies to become independent, life-long learners.

Prospective families interested in learning more about LCA's student support services and the admissions process are asked to contact the admissions office at to discuss availability and next steps.



Early Reading Intervention (K-3rd)

Wilson Fundations - makes learning to read fun while laying the groundwork for life-long literacy. Students in grades K-3 receive a systematic program in critical foundational skills, emphasizing phonemic awareness, phonics/word study, reading fluency, vocabulary, comprehension strategies, handwriting, and spelling.

Reading Intervention (3rd-5th)

McGraw Hill Response to Intervention (RTI) serves students who have gaps in one or more essential concepts that make it more challenging for them to perform at grade level. The programs designed to address Tier 2 students are used in addition to core programs. They focus on the important skills students need to progress, thereby reducing the need for more intensive intervention. Reading and Language Arts Programs may include Open Court Intervention, SRA Phonemic Awareness, SRA Language for Learning, SRA Open Court Reading Foundational Skills and Word Analysis Kits, SRA Ealy Interventions in Reading, SRA Language for Thinking, SRA Language for Writing, SRA Reading Mastery Transformations, and SRA Corrective Reading.

Math Intervention (K-8th)

Bridges Intervention (K-5th) - provides targeted instruction and assessment for essential K-5 mathematic skills and concepts. It was written to address key numeracy and computation skills and concepts for each grade level, K-5. Specifically, Bridges Intervention deals with those clusters identified as major within the following domains: Counting & Cardinality (K,) Operations & Algebraic Thinking (K-4,) Number & Operations in Base Ten (K-5,) and Number & Operations: Fractions (3-5). Bridges Intervention builds on each student's abilities, starting with manipulatives, then moving to two-dimensional representations, and mental images.
Intended to complement regular math instruction, Bridges Intervention is ideal for use with small groups.

National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) Programs for Math - Rx4 Discovery Math (K-8) - provides targeted instruction to strengthen foundational math skills while challenging thinking and problem-solving skills all within an atmosphere where math anxiety is reduced. RX4 Discover Math builds and strengthens number sense, math fluency, math vocabulary, and problem-solving strategies. Students lacking a conceptual understanding of mathematics will benefit the most from this program.

Executive Functioning Support (3rd-12th)

COGMED - is an effective and well-researched digital therapeutic tool available for improving attention and working memory. Students suffering from a working memory deficit often exhibit symptoms of inattention, and struggle to keep up with the demands of school. They have a hard time staying focused on the task at hand, find it difficult to parse instructions and follow through on tedious and multi-step assignments, and find organization and planning a constant challenge. COGMED helps students with working memory and attention deficits to better cope with the requirements of academic life. The program offers students an effective, non-pharmacological intervention with long lasting results. It consists of a range of finely tuned exercises, which adapt dynamically to the student's capacity and progression.

National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) Executive Function Workshop (Grades 6-12) - provides opportunities for executive functioning skills such as goal setting, planning, organizing, task initiation, sustaining attention, shifting flexibly, holding/manipulating information in working memory, inhibiting impulses and self-monitoring to be developed and practiced. Healthy executive function skills help improve academic performance, motivation, effort, persistence and self-efficacy.

Additional Services Permitted on Campus

LCA works collaboratively with a variety of professionals who specialize in pediatric therapies including Speech/Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. If students are unable meet with their therapists outside of school hours, LCA will allow for on-campus support and appointments. Whenever a student is working with an outside therapist, we ask the family to communicate updates and coordinate strategies with the homeroom teacher and Student Support Services team.


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Megan Miller   
Coordinator of Student Intervention

Michelle Reynolds
Elementary Interventionist

Amy Seigler   
Elementary Interventionist

Caitlin Trimble  Elementary Interventionist

Megan Filburn 
6th-8th Interventionist

Suzette Hartley   
High School Interventionist