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Student Support Services

Academic success is defined differently for every student. The Student Support Services program at LCA is designed to assist students, elementary through high school, who need of intervention in area(s) of reading, mathematics, written expression, and/or attending difficulties.

The goal of the program is to help students develop academic skills and apply instructional strategies to become independent, life-long learners. Learning specialists (interventionists) work with small groups of students with similar academic needs. Students, parents, teachers, and school counselors collaborate with the learning specialist to create a student academic plan otherwise known as the Learning Centered Accommodation Plan (LCAP) that is highly individualized and designed to promote student success and independence. Examples of allowable accommodations include extended time, a reader, use of assistive technology, alternative testing environment, note-taking guide and/or movement breaks.

Eligibility for Student Support Services

All students must meet previously established admission criteria to be eligible for the school’s Student Support Services program. Students entering LCA with previously diagnosed academic and/or attending difficulties must have the ability to demonstrate performance commensurate with same age peers utilizing minimal accommodations strategies.

Requirements for Enrollment in the Student Support Services may include:

►Review of student’s academic history including prior 504 or Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

►Classroom observation

►Feedback from classroom teachers

►Review of psych-educational (and/or medical) testing

►Additional assessment data

Requirements for Continuation in the Student Support Services program may include:

►Academic re-evaluation of students participating in the program may be requested every three years to monitor progress, evaluate   continued need, and/or determine eligibility for the program.

The staff will carefully review the materials provided and then schedule a meeting to discuss the team’s recommendations for the student. Withholding or misrepresenting information may jeopardize a student’s admission or continued enrollment to the intervention program and/or school.

Description of Services

►Annual meeting with parents and teachers regarding student’s academic needs (K-12)

►Small group instruction in math and/or reading (K-5)

►Test accommodations specific to the student’s needs (K-12)

►“FLEX” class to address organizational needs and receive academic support with tasks assigned in the student’s courses (6-8)

►Daily study hall to address organizational needs and receive academic support with tasks assigned in the student’s courses (9-12)

►College Board/ACT accommodations and documentation specific to the student’s needs (9-12)


For more information regarding the school’s Student Support Services, please consult the applicable campus counselor or principal.


Dr. Channon Horn
Elementary Interventionist

LeAnna Hensley
Guidance Counselor

Nancy Jaeger
Guidance Counselor


Rhiannon Owens
Academic Advisor