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Survival Guide for the Middle Podcast

We are excited to announce the launch of a new podcast led by Mr. Joel Simpson, 6th-8th Spiritual Life Director. The weekly podcast will feature topics that affect the lives of middle school students in many different ways

Podcast Episodes
Episode 1 (3/27/23) - Parenting a Social Media Generation (Guest: Brian Ebel, LCA Parent and Senior Pastor at St. Luke Church)
Episode 2 (4/11/23) - Navigating Friendships (Guest: Nancy Jaeger, LCA 6th-8th Guidance Counselor)
Episode 3 (4/17/23) - Navigating Dating & Intimacy (Guest: Brian Ray)
Episode 4 (4/24/23) - Idolizing Sports (Guest: Keith Galloway, LCA HS Asst. Principal & Athletics Chaplain)
Episode 5 (5/2/23) - Navigating Family and Grief (Guest: Doug Charles, LCA Head Varsity Football Coach)
Episode 6 (5/8/23): Partnering with Coaches (Guest: Doug Charles, LCA Head Varsity Football Coach)

Episode 7 (5/15/23): Leaving a Legacy (Guest: Coach David Cravens)

Episode 8 (5/22/23): Doubting Faith (Guest: Casey Easterwood, LCA 7th Grade Bible Teacher)

Joel Simpson 
LCA 6th-8th Grade Spiritual Life Director