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LCA Community - Yanya Yang and Milo Golding

Milo Golding started attending LCA for his freshman year and is currently a rising junior. His mother, Yanya Yang, said her family selected LCA because they believe that LCA provides the best Christ-centered education in all of Lexington. Read more below about why they love LCA and would recommend it to others who are considering a Christian education for their children. 

What do you love most about LCA? We love the amazing Christ-centered learning environment LCA offers. LCA provides not only a safe environment for students but also has many dedicated teachers who are wonderful role models. Students have many opportunities to learn, lead, and positively impact the community. During Milo’s first year at LCA, despite having then only recently moved to Lexington, the students and teachers welcomed him as a family which proved to help him transition wonderfully in school.

Why did your family select LCA? Our family selected LCA because we believe that LCA provided the best Christ-centered education in all of Lexington. After our first interview with the LCA administrators, we were so impressed with the school’s mission and how passionately they integrated Christian values in everything they did.

Why do you believe LCA is worth the educational investment? LCA is worth the educational investment because of its nurturing, competitive, and safe learning environment. LCA provides so many amazing courses, extracurricular activities, teachers, and administrators who support and push students to achieve greater heights. All of the opportunities provided by LCA are immeasurable.

In what ways have you seen your child grow in his as a result of their experience at LCA? Milo has been able to build a great foundation of Biblical knowledge through his Bible classes and has dived deeper into scripture as a result. LCA has also provided many more opportunities and activities (both in-school and out of school) that have allowed his faith to strengthen and grow. Milo has formed many great friendships through participating in church group discussions as well as community service activities. LCA emphasizes Christian values on a daily basis. Seeing your child grow through a Christ-centered education is truly a blessing.

What is the one word your family would use to describe the LCA experience? Supportive.

What is your favorite LCA memory? It is hard to pinpoint one favorite LCA memory because we have so many beautiful memories with LCA. We thank the Lord every day for placing Milo at LCA, a school that enables him to grow both academically and spiritually. LCA is like one big connected family that always supports its students.

What would you tell other parents who are considering enrolling their child(ren) at LCA?  LCA is the best choice if you want your children to learn in a safe and supportive environment. It’s a school with caring, experienced teachers and staff, terrific facilities, small class sizes, and a big commitment to excellence. Most of all LCA is a school that helps students build character.