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LCA Community - The Gatewood Family

"This is where our child learns - both spiritually and educationally to be a better person and student." Christopher and Cassandra Gatewood chose LCA for their son, Zion, because it provides a quality education and develops his faith and Christian values.

What do you love most about LCA? The Christian education and academic structure.

Why do you believe LCA is worth the educational investment? A quality education in beyond measure, and we believe that the curriculum at LCA is going to prepare him for college and beyond. 

In what ways have you seen Zion grow in his faith as a result of his experience at LCA? His knowledge of the Bible and his faith in God are growing daily.

What would you tell other parents who are considering enrolling their children at LCA? I would let them know how much Zion has grown both educationally and spiritually since he has been at LCA. The school reinforces the values and morals that we teach our son at home.