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LCA Class of 2020 Valedictorian and Salutatorian Named

Brennan Allen Graham is the son of Rex and Lori Graham. He has attended LCA for 15 years. During which time he was involved with the Academic Team, Student Technology Leadership Program, National Honor Society, Beta Club, and Leadership Forum. He will be attending the University of Kentucky with a double major in computer science and economics.




Brennan's Senior Reflection:

As we conclude this final chapter of our time at LCA, I am reminded of all of the memories that we have shared and the teachers that have helped us along the way.

The first moments, as least for the lifers, came in the simpler time of preschool, TK, and kindergarten. We spent those days forming the foundation that would support us in the years to come. No matter how loud or quiet, outgoing or shy, confident or nervous we were, we could always count on our teachers to love us and nurture us while preparing us for what lay ahead.

Then, of course, we moved into our later years of elementary school. Continuing to grow and explore we spent countless hours of classes, lunchtime, and recess forming many of the friendships which have colored so much of our time here at LCA.

As we made the transition from elementary to intermediate, we slowly began to take on more freedom and responsibilities. As we went from classroom to classroom in our pods, clutching our tubs full of books and binders, many of us were also greeted with our first opportunities to choose our own paths with assignments, such as science fair projects and the entrepreneur fair. We also learned how to cope with unexpected circumstances when a rocket was shot into the ceiling and the bus broke down coming back from the zoo. 

That brings us to the most feared and reviled of all grade levels - middle school. Though out time there had its ups and downs and more than its fair share of awkwardness, we could always rely on our teachers to pull us through. Whether that help came in the form of a kind word from Mrs. Meadows, a bit of sarcastic wisdom from Mr. Burroughs, or a story from Mr. Miller, each bit helped us to find our way. 

We then arrived in the strange world of high school. We were presented with more opportunities both in and out of the classroom than ever before with a cornucopia of electives, extracurriculars, and so much more. As we began to explore these offerings, we discovered passion and joy on the field, on the stage, and - yes - even in the classroom. We worked towards and reached remarkable goals academically, artistically, and athletically. But most importantly, whether or not we won the game, hit the note, or made the grade, we did it together. 

But of course no chronicle of our time would be complete before I mention a few of our teachers. 

Our Bible teachers, including Mr. Gifford, who was tragically taken from us earlier this year, helped us grow in our faith and our understanding of God's word. You caused us to think deeply and helped us to answer important questions about the ways that we treat one another and about our relationship with God. And, thanks to you, we know more than we ever thought was possible about flywheels, zapanath panaea, Lucky Charms, and a rooster named Jerry. 

Our English teachers - yes, all of them - have also formed an important part of our high school experience. You gave us a greater appreciation for the language and stories that we could so easily gloss over and take for granted. I must also give special thanks to Dr. Koett as she is the only member of this department to have stuck with us for all of the past four years. 

The unique and insightful members of our social studies department will not be soon forgotten by any members of our class. You have helped us to understand the context in which we live our lives and encouraged us to explore and embrace history as a tool to improve ourselves. Mr. Perkins also helped us to take this knowledge outside the classroom by leading our trips to KYA and KUNA and showed how much he cares about us by providing mystery pizza and plenty of flags that wound up on his ceiling.

The numerous members of our math and science departments have also been an integral component of our high school experience. Whether we were dissecting something, solving an equation, or starting a reaction, you have been there not only to help us understand the material, but also to show us the ways that the natural world demonstrates the glory of God.

Last, but certainly not least, are our elective teachers. In all of the wildly diverse subjects you teach, whether its French or Spanish, chorus or band, art or business, or one of so many others, your excitement for your subject always shined through. You inspired us to try new things and stretch ourselves in ways that we couldn't have imagined before. 

So as we stand here today, writing the last few lines of the story of our time at LCA, there are two final things which I must say.

First, thank you to every teacher, assistant, and administrator that helped us along this path. I know that I speak not just for myself, but also for every other senior when I say that we would not be the people we are today without you. No matter how old or young we were when we reached you, you never failed to leave us better than you found us. 

Finally, to my fellow graduates. Whether we have known each other for fifteen years or just one, it has been an absolute honor to grow up alongside you. So, while I am sad that our story together is now drawing to an end, I take solace in the fact that I know you are going to do marvelous things in the chapters that are to come. I look forward to saying that I knew you when.