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Preschool Information

*If your child’s last name begins with letters A-L, your arrival time is 7:55am-8:10am. 

*If your child’s last name begins with letters M-Z, your arrival time is 8:10am-8:25am.

See arrival map below










Dismissal is not in the same place as arrival - please review the car line dismissal map here.

Full and half day preschool students dismiss in Lane 1.

In preparation for the arrival of our student body, we need all parents whose students are returning to in person learning to complete the form "Assumption of the Risk and Waiver and Release of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19" no later than Tuesday evening, August 18, 11:59 p.m.  This form is found in FACTS Family and can be accessed by doing the following:

Log into Facts Family Here: (District Code is LX-KY)

Under the School tab, click on "Web Forms."

Select the "Covid 19 Waiver Form" and complete it for each student in your family.

This form must be completed prior to your student returning to campus for the start of school. 

2020-21 Student/Parent Handbook

Please electronically sign and submit the handbook acknowledgement form via FACTS Family > School > WEBFORMS. (The district code is LX-KY). If you need help with the forms on the website, please email Ashley Tabor at

Click here for the 2020-21 lunch information packet. 

Pre-K Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
LCA Middle School Track & Field
June 5, 2021

KTCCCA Middle School State

Pre-K Staff and Faculty

  Name Title Group
Shirley Asberry Asberry, Shirley Elementary Media Center Specialist Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Zac Barnhart Barnhart, Zac Elementary Spiritual Life Director Preschool
Jennifer Biliter Biliter, Jennifer Teacher Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Anga Brown Brown, Anga Teacher PS Teachers/Aides
Laura Brown Brown, Laura Teacher Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Kathy Burroughs Burroughs, Kathy Teacher Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Brandi Carroll Carroll, Brandi Classroom Aid Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Andrea Durr Durr, Andrea Classroom Aid Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Brenda Emery Emery, Brenda Teacher PS Teachers/Aides
Lisa Harris Harris, Lisa Classroom Aid Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
LeAnna Hensley Hensley, LeAnna Guidance Counselor Preschool
Melissa Huff Huff, Melissa Classroom Aid Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Sandy Inouye Inouye, Sandy Teacher Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Nicole Jackson Jackson, Nicole Classroom Aid Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Sharon McKenney McKenney, Sharon Teacher Preschool
Elisabeth Newman Newman, Elisabeth Classroom Aid Preschool
Melanie Patterson Patterson, Melanie Teacher Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Bethany Potter Potter, Bethany Preschool Director Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Teri Prigge Prigge, Teri Classroom Aid Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Rebekah Straub Straub, Rebekah Teacher Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Kimberly Sypolt Sypolt, Kimberly Teacher Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Missy Thomas Thomas, Missy Elementary/Preschool Office Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Melinda Tonkel Tonkel, Melinda Teacher Preschool
Rachel Watts Watts, Rachel Elementary/Preschool Office Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Scott Wells Wells, Scott Head of School Preschool
Leslie Whitaker Whitaker, Leslie Elementary Registered Nurse Preschool
Terri White White, Terri Elementary Principal Preschool, PS Teachers/Aides
Amanda Willis Willis, Amanda Classroom Aid Preschool