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6th Grade Academy Campus Connection

April 15, 2021


Help support the LCA High School National Honor Society and the Kentucky Blood Center by donating blood during April 12-21! Click below to schedule an appointment at either location. Be sure to include the group code 2469 during registration. 

Click here to schedule at the Beaumont Donor Center.

Click here to donate at the Andover Donor Center.


Important Dates

April 16: Ruth Coppler Outstanding Teacher Award Deadline

April 20: Culver's Custard Served at Lunch (order by 8:30am)

LCA has established the Ruth Coppler Outstanding Teacher Award, to be given annually to an LCA teacher in memory of Mrs. Ruth Coppler, who was a beloved elementary teacher at our school. This award is established as a tribute to her love for teaching and to recognize teachers who share and exemplify that love. For more info and to nominate a teacher, click here.

Cincinnati Reds Baseball Camp

For more info about this camp click here for the flyer.

Quick Links

2020-21 6th Grade Academy Information

In January 2018, the Commonwealth of Kentucky changed the immunization requirements for students enrolled in both public and private schools, as well as day care centers. All students must have two doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine prior to the start of the 2018-2019 academic year or show evidence of having the shot series in progress. In addition, students must have the booster dose of the quadrivalent meningococal (MenACWY) vaccine at the age of 16 (previously the booster was required at age 18).

Parents must provide the school with a copy of the EPID-230 "Certificate of Immunization Status" (rev. 2017) showing that the student is CURRENT for all required immunizations. No other form of documentation can be accepted, including partial EPID-230 forms, old forms with the new shots handwritten on them or pharmacy receipts for vaccination. Students who are not in compliance with immunization requirements must be suspended from attending classes until their record is brought current and submitted to the school.

Medical Exemptions are now noted on the EPID-230 if students are unable to be vaccinated due to medical reasons.  A separate doctor's letter is not required.

Parents may also file a Religious Declination form. This is the required form and no other documentation can be accepted. Be advised that the "Kentucky immunization regulation does not permit philosophical exemptions to immunizations. Kentucky only has medical or religious exemptions to immunizations."

An audit of the immunization documents will be conducted and students whose documentation is expired, incomplete or missing will have 14 days from the date of notification to be in compliance and avoid suspension.

If you have any questions regarding Kentucky's immunization requirements for school attendance, please visit the Kentucky Department of Education website or Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services website. A brief summary of the changes to the immunization requirements is available here or see the Kentucky Public Health "Amended Immunization Regulation (902 KAR 2:060) Answers to Frequently Asked Questions" for more details regarding the new regulations.

Contact - Kim DuFour at


  • Lunches are ordered on ParentsWeb.  They can be ordered daily or for an entire week at a time.
  • All lunch orders must be entered in ParentsWeb by 8:30am. Any order places after 8:30am will receive a brown bag "emergency" lunch
  • If you ordered a lunch and your student will be absent that day, you must call the office by 8:30am to cancel your order. Orders cannot be canceled after 8:30am and you will be charged for that day's order.
  • Lunch orders will be invoiced a week at a time on Friday for that week's orders. Once you receive the invoice, the charges will deduct from the account attached to your Incidentals Account in FACTS in 10 days. You can log into FACTS (via RenWeb) and pay the invoice with an alternative method of payment.
  • Click here for the 2020-21 lunch information packet or here for a video. 



  • Grab-N-Go refers to an area in the lunch room that is set up to sell fruit, snacks, ice cream, salads, drinks and many other things.
  • Students can purchase items at Grab-N-Go during their lunch period. 
  • All charges from Grab-N-Go will post immediately to the student's prepaid Eagle Card Account.
  • Students must have funds available on their Eagle Card to make a purchase.
  • Click here for the Grab-n-Go options.

2020-21 Student/Parent Handbook

Please electronically sign and submit the handbook acknowledgement form via FACTS Family > School > WEBFORMS. (The district code is LX-KY). If you need help with the forms on the website, please email Ashley Tabor at

The Rose Campus Media Center serves Lexington Christian Academy students in grades 6-12. The media center’s mission is to foster critical thinking by supporting faculty and students as they assess information and contemplate ideas from a wide array of sources, and to promote the evaluation of information and ideas from the perspective of a Biblical world and life view.

The media center staff provides students with training in research, help with information needs, and recommendations on good books.

Media Center Hours
Monday – Friday: 7:45 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
The media center closes at 12pm on early dismissal days.

For more information, please contact


LCA Library Catalog
Search for books and other resources available in the Rose Campus Media Center.
Lexington Public Library
Search for books and resourcers available through the Lexington Public Library.
Bloom's Online Literary Criticism
Literature database *
Digital Theater Plus
Drama & concert database *
Gale Student Research Center
Informational database *
Informational database *
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Presents both sides of current and historical issues *
Today's Science
Up-to-date articles on the latest in science and discoveries *
American History
Historical information, including primary sources, about the United States *
World News Digest
Up-to-date information on the world today *
Research in Context
Easy to use basic research on a variety of subjects *
The World Almanac for Kids
Best for grades 3-8 *
*check Converge for password information

RenWeb is LCA's school information system. It is the home for all demographic and academic records. Parents Web is the parent, or family, portal for access to information within RenWeb. From ParentsWeb you are able to see grades, contact information and financial information bu linking to your FACTS account.

Each parent, student and staff member has a unique set of credentials in RenWeb that drives logging into the RenWeb website. Please email if you cannot remember your username or password.

Converge is a classroom management system. Our teachers in grades 6-12 use this platform for classroom calenders, resource lists, homework assignments and general communications with students. It is a resource for students to use with each class. Parents also have logins for Converge, though a parent's view is a bit different that than of their students. A parent will see the agenda and calendar sections and not all the classroom details.

Office Forms & Documents

In preparation for the arrival of our student body, we need all parents whose students are returning to in person learning to complete the form "Assumption of the Risk and Waiver and Release of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19" no later than Tuesday evening, August 18, 11:59 p.m.  This form is found in FACTS Family and can be accessed by doing the following:

Log into Facts Family Here: (District Code is LX-KY)

Under the School tab, click on "Web Forms."

Select the "Covid 19 Waiver Form" and complete it for each student in your family.

This form must be completed prior to your student returning to campus for the start of school. 

The office must be notified at least two weeks prior to any planned absences (2 or more days). Click here to complete the extended absence notification form. 

One day absences may be reported by contacting the school office at 859-422-5703. 

Please complete this form to ensure your item is located. 

Parenting Support

Click here for eight free conversation starters with your children.

Office Contacts

6th Grade Academy Office - 859-422-5703

Coleman Marshall, 6th-8th Grade Principal
Nancy Jaeger, 6th-8th Grade Counselor
Jamie McGowan, 6th-8th Administrative Assistant
Josh Robinson, 6th-8th Spiritual Life Director
Eddie Hart, Campus Security


Staff & Faculty Contacts

6th Grade Academy Staff & Faculty Directory



6th Grade Academy Calendar


Other Campus Parent Resource Pages


System Sign In Pages

FACTS Family Portal (District Code - LX-KY)
Student/Employee Email