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LCA Athletics participation fees


2020-21 School Year

We will automatically process the participation fees through the incidental account you have set up through FACTS.

We will process it as one payment UNLESS you notify Kirby Willoughby at that you wish to spread it into 3+ payments.

For fall sports we will charge on August 5th. You will receive an email from FACTS stating that a charge has been added to your account and that it will be deducted in 10 business days from the day you receive that email. 

The fees are by season, so if your student-athlete plays more than one sport in the same season they only pay one fee for that season.

You will pay for the grade your child is in. For example, if they are in junior high and playing on a high school team you pay the junior high price.

Banner sales can help offset some if not all of the cost. The contract and banner information can be found here

These fees are non-refundable unless approved by the athletic director.

High School

(9th - 12th)

First Season - $575

Second Season - $475

Third Season - $375



Junior High


First Season - $375

Second Season - $200

Third Season - $200


(1st - 6th)

First Season - $200

Second Season - $200

Third Season - $200