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Junior High Spiritual Life Director

Position Purpose

The Spiritual Life Director is responsible for giving direction to the spiritual well-being and spiritual development of their division in partnership with the other Spiritual Life Directors and their corresponding division.  The Spiritual Life Director is to actively promote a divisional discipleship culture by ministering to and actively shepherding in love and faith, developing meaningful relationships with our Lord Jesus Christ in both the student body and faculty/staff of his/her campus and Lexington Christian Academy as a whole. 

Essential Functions and Basic Duties

  1. Maintain an active personal relationship with Christ and regular involvement in an evangelical local church.
  2. Plan the chapel program weekly for the 6th Grade Academy and the junior high.
  3. Design and revise a scope and sequence for  the chapel programs of the 6th Grade Academy and the junior high.
  4. Attend devotions and staff meetings.
  5. Supervise spiritual life activities (i.e. National Day of Prayer, Bible studies, etc.) as well as provide spiritual counseling.
  6. Provide oversight of the mission emphasis in cooperation with the 6th Grade Academy and junior high principal.
  7. Teach two elective classes on Christian apologetics.
  8. Keep accurate, written records in accordance with board policy and as directed by the 6th Grade Academy and junior high principal.
  9. Plan and manage chapel budget.
  10. Select and have oversight of Team Chapel.
  11. Possess a basic knowledge of the sound system.
  12. Establish a scripture for each class coming into the 6th Grade Academy and junior high.
  13. Maintain good working relationships with other faculty and collaborate with Bible teachers as needed.
  14. Maintain working hours as assigned.
  15. Follow all school policies as set forth by the school’s Board of Directors.
  16. Follow all school procedures as set forth by the school’s Headmaster.
  17. Maintain confidentiality regarding matters of information related to students,  parents, faculty or administration.
  18. Support the school’s leadership to the parents and community in all written and oral communications.
  19. Perform other duties as assigned.


Education/Certification: Minimum of college undergraduate degree BS or BA. 

Required Knowledge/Experience: Preferred minimum of 4 years of post-college youth Christian experience in related areas of academics, ministry, missions or seminary. 

Skills/Abilities: Communications and Interpersonal Relationships


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