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Junior High Bible Teacher

Lexington Christian Academy is seeking a Junior High Bible Teacher for the 2022-23 school year.  The ideal candidate would possess a Bachelor’s degree in Bible, Biblical Studies, or Apologetics, attendance at a seminary college or university, contain an education certificate or is certifiable; teaching experience is preferable; and a strong record of working with young adolescents.  

Job responsibilities will include:  

job responsibilities

  • Teaching Bible courses to LCA’s junior high school students;
  • Creating a loving Christian and safe classroom environment which is conducive to learning;
  • Preparing class materials; grading assignments and tests;
  • Maintaining and posting student grades in a timely fashion;
  • Submitting grades and other requested academic reports, as required;
  • Providing consistent, on-going communication with students and parents;
  • Maintaining professional development as required by the school’s accreditation, school policy and procedures, and school administration;
  • Performing other duties, as assigned by the principal.

desired skills/abilities

  • Computer skills in Microsoft Office, Adobe, and Google are preferred.
  • How applications are used in education.
  • Skills with RenWeb/Converge and Smart boards are also desirable.


Apply for this position here.