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Elementary Principal

Position description

The Elementary Principal is responsible for all aspects of the supervision and management of the preschool and elementary school. The Principal directs all faculty & staff and is responsible for disciplinary matters, and assists in elementary curriculum development, accreditation, and school improvement processes. 

essential functions and basic duties


Ministry Leadership

  • Drive Spiritual Formation in all students, their families, and the faculty & staff.
  • Promote and enhance to all constituencies LCA’s church partnership for hosting preschool through elementary students.
  • Be the chief protagonist of Christian education and guardian of LCA’s culture as an independent, covenant school.
  • Promote the understanding of the school’s beliefs and mission to the faculty, staff, students, their families, and community.
  • Support the school’s leadership to the parents and community in all written and oral communications.
  • Interview and make recommendations concerning acceptance of prospective students/families.

instructional program advancement & oversight

  • Lead and promote an atmosphere of continual improvement in student achievement based on biblical truth, the school’s mission statement, solid educational research, and student performance data.
  • Initiate and maintain divisional professional development programs for the faculty & staff that support the continual improvement of student achievement.
  • Recruit, interview, and recommend the hiring of new faculty & staff based on the mission of the school and staffing needs.
  • Complete formal and informal periodic evaluations of the instructional staff, including action plans for continuous improvement.
  • Facilitate initiatives to capitalize on technology trends.

operational direction

  • Provide strategic direction on long-term improvements to maximize facility utilization and optimize safety & security across the campus.
  • In close consultation with LCA senior leadership team, review the safety and emergency plan with campus personnel.
  • Work cooperatively with the Finance Department and Senior Staff to develop and execute the campus budget and manage finances.
  • Promote exceptional stewardship of financial and other school resources.
  • Establish and maintain campus policies and procedures that comply with and promulgate school-wide policy.
  • Ensure that school-wide Information Technology efforts/investments are broadly adopted, implemented and integrated into standard practices.

basic duties & expectations

  • Maintain an active personal relationship with Christ and regular involvement in a local Christian church.
  • Contribute collaboratively with LCA’s Senior Leadership Team.
  • Follow all school policies and procedures as set forth by the Board of Directors and Head of School.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding matters of information related to students, parents, faculty, or administration.
  • Direct the comprehensive discipline program for the division.
  • Approve and supervise guidance and disciplinary records in accordance with the expectation of school governance.
  • Approve and supervise the planning of field trips.
  • Maintain oversight of all extra-curricular groups connected with the campus.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • The Principal must meet the standards as required by Cognia accreditation.
  • Eligibility for ACSI certification
  • Minimum preferred education: Master’s Degree

Required Experience

Minimum 3 years successful classroom teaching and/or administrative experience preferred 


  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to articulate the biblical worldview of life.
  • Ability to share the Gospel.
  • Solid organizational and analytical skills.
  • Ability to coordinate, manage and direct others.
  • Basic computer skills, including word processing, email, web page understanding.


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