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LCA Board of Directors

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ -1 Corinthians 11:1


The Board of Directors is the policy-making leadership of the school, entrusted with furthering the school's mission.  To that end, the Board creates and implements written policies, ensures financial strength, and supports and evaluates the head of school.

The Board of Directors consists of professionals throughout the community who represent six different churches.

2019-20 LCA Board of Directors


2020-21 Board Members

Rachel Harper, Chair

Gary Wortz, Vice Chair

Brooke Otto, Secretary

Dave Messner, Finance Chair

Dusty Bonner, Athletics Chair

Danielle Eckman, Advancement Chair

Jeff Gehring, Board Member

Lori Graham, Education Chair

Tyler Johnson, Student Life Chair

Sid Lisanby, Board Member 

Terri Morrical, Personnel Chair

Steven Potts, Facilities Chair

Chip Rupp, Board Member




All Committee Meetings are open to the public with the exception of the Personnel and Nominating meetings. Click on a committee below for information about responsibilities of each group and to access the committee's interest form.

Chair - Danielle Eckman

The advancement committee leads parents and volunteers in support of the school's fundraising model. The committee helps balance numerous (and sometimes competing) missions and service requests with long-term initiatives, to maximize funding from all development efforts.

Please click here to express interest in serving on the Advancement Committee.


Chair - Dusty Bonner

The athletic committee strives to promote a variety of sports programs across grade levels in compliance with regulatory guidelines and in harmony with LCA's primary mission to glorify Christ in educational ministry. The committee is also responsible for developing policies with respect to athlete's participation.

Please click here to express interest in serving on the Athletics Committee.

Chair - Lori Graham

The education committee ensures that curricular materials at LCA are appropriate and effective. The committee provides broad oversight to accreditation, textbook review cycles, course offerings, technology and fine arts programming.

Please click here to express interest in serving on the Education Committee.

Chair - Steven Potts

The facilities committee works with the administrative leadership to plan for the physical space requirements of our educators and students, whether in academic or co-curricular endeavors. The committee helps determine the most efficient stewardship of both the Rose and Immanuel campuses.

Please click here to express interest in serving on the Facilities Committee.

Chair - Dave Messner

The finance committee provides expert guidance with respect to treasury, risk management, internal controls, budgeting & financial reporting, and the annual audit. The committee also gives direction with respect to tuition assistance, legal and other compliance matters.

Please click here to express interest in serving on the Finance Committee.

Chair - Gary Wortz

The long range planning committee helps facilitate efforts across all functional areas to prepare the school's strategic plan, works closely with the administration to craft the related long-term financial model, and monitors & evaluates progress toward reaching strategic goals.

Please click here to express interest in serving on the Long Range Planning Committee.

Chair - Tyler Johnson

The student life committee recommends policy and actions regarding non-academic extracurricular activities and spiritual life and activity of the school.

Please click here to express interest in serving on the Student Life Committee.

Chair - Terri Morrical

The personnel committee develops policies respecting all human resource matters including compensation, benefits, professional development, contracts, discipline, and evaluations. The committee is comprised of Board members to ensure employee issues are dealt with sensitively and privately. 

Chair - Brooke Otto 

The nominating committee consists of directors committed to working with the various committees to identify and develop prospective Board members, evaluating potential candidates, and providing appropriate governance training and orientation.

Board Documents