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2015-2016 Tuition 

                                                                             Annual Tuition         Deposit          Tuition Balance     Mo. Payment
Half-Day Preschool - 2 Days – (Tu/Th) for 3 yr olds               $1,870                     $150                  $1,720             $172
Half-Day Preschool – 3 Days – (MWF) for 4 yr olds               $2,230                     $150                  $2,080             $208
Half-Day Preschool – 5 Days – (M-F) for 3 & 4 yr olds          $4,100                     $150                  $3,950             $395
All-Day Preschool – 2 Days (Tu/Th) for 3 & 4 yr olds             $3,320                     $350                 $2,970             $297
All-Day Preschool – 3 Days (MWF) for 3 & 4 yr olds              $4,800                     $350                 $4,450             $445
All-Day Preschool – 5 days (M-F) for 3 yr olds                        $7,770                     $350                 $7,420             $742
All-Day Preschool – 5 days (M-F) for 4 yr olds                        $7,770                     $350                 $7,420             $742       
Half-Day Transitional Kindergarten                                           $4,670                     $350                 $4,320            $360
Half-Day Kindergarten                                                                 $4,670                     $350                 $4,320            $360
All-Day Transitional Kindergarten                                             $8,234                     $350                 $7,884            $657
All-Day Kindergarten                                                                   $8,234                     $350                  $7,884            $657
1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade                                                                        $8,366                     $350                 $8,016             $668  
4th, 5th, 6th Grade                                                                     $8,822                     $350                     $8,472             $706
7th, 8th Grade                                                                           $9,734                     $350                     $9,384             $782
9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade                                                         $10,298                   $350                     $9,948             $829

*Preschool monthly rate is based on 10-month payment plan. The Transitional Kindergarten-12th grade monthly rate is based on 12-month payment plan.

The tuition deposit is due at the time the family enrolls (or re-enrolls.) The deposit is non-refundable.

LCA has partnered with Smart Tuition to handle the collection of tuition payments. It is our goal to make the tuition payment process more convenient and flexible for your family. Payments are made directly to Smart Tuition via a debit from a banking account that you designate.


Tuition Assistance 

It is Lexington Christian Academy’s desire to make a Christ-centered education available to as many families as possible. Each year, LCA allocates a specific amount of funds for tuition assistance to provide to families who demonstrate and qualify for financial needs as determined by a third-party organization.

LCA’s tuition assistance program was developed to bridge the gap between the expense of tuition and what a family can afford. The assistance, intended as a supplement to a family’s resources, is available to any family, regardless of award amount needed. Tuition assistance is available to families with students in Transitional Kindergarten through 12th grade. Preschool students are not eligible to receive tuition assistance. 

The amount of assistance awarded to a family will be based on the level of the family’s qualifications and will be allocated based on the availability of tuition assistance funds. Tuition assistance awards & the amount of the awards are not guaranteed to be the same year to year.

If you have questions regarding LCA's Tuition Assistance program, please contact our Director of Finance, Bill Watson, at

How to Apply for Tuition Assistance 

LCA utilizes the services of FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment for determining the financial need of the families applying for tuition assistance. To apply online, visit:



LCA is excited to offer our families the Eagle Tuition Incentive Program (E-TIP.) The E-TIP program is a tuition credit initiative designed to lower the cost of attending LCA.

Here is how it works. With E-TIP, your family simply does your regular shopping using gift certificates from America’s leading retailers (e.g., Kroger, OfficeMax, Wal-Mart) as well as some of our “local vendors”. With each purchase, your family earns discounts that can be converted to tuition credit for your children.

Through the E-TIP program, everyone wins:

  • retailers get repeat business from loyal customers
  • families receive tuition credit to help cover school charges, and the school helps make the cost of Christ-centered education more affordable

Through the E-TIP program, gift certificates from hundreds of trusted national and local retailers may be purchased, and they are offered at the deepest discounts available.

LCA is eager to share how this powerful, yet convenient, program can save you money!

For additional information, please visit the E-TIP website or e-mail at

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