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Spiritual Life


Preschool Chapel

This year’s Preschool Chapel will revolve around a theme of the Fruit of the Spirit. Throughout the course of the year, we’ll focus on each of the 9 fruit of the Spirit, which will be paired with a fruit for visual emphasis with the students. They will also be mixed up from the usual list order to pair with some of the seasons of the year and the aging/growth of the children. Anyone is welcome to join us for Chapel every Monday at 8:30 am at the Rose campus.

K - 3rd Grade Chapel

Each week our primary students gather to take a look inside God's Word and discover What's in the Bible. We use our Primary Chapel Service as the springboard to launch our Bible Curriculum each week.  The curriculum we use is actually called What's in the Bible?   It is produced by Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales.  He leads us on a two year walk through the entire Bible.  We trek all the way from the wonder of Creation in Genesis to the marvel and mystery of Revelation.  

Parents are always welcome to join us each week.  We meet on the Rose campus on Wednesdays at 9:50 am and on the Tates Creek campus on Thursdays at 10:15 am.

4th, 5th & 6th Grade Chapel is called CRAVE Live!

CRAVE Live! is the weekly chapel service for the 4th, 5th and 6th graders. We come together to worship Christ and strive to CRAVE the life He has designed for each one us. Each year we work our way through a book of the Bible (Philippians, James, Life of Christ) and memorize each verse along the way using our Black Belt in Bible. The students are learning to analyze the scripture by seeking to understand it within its context and then discovering how to apply what they are learning to their life. 

Moreover, this chapel service is almost completely student led.  Our CRAVE Crews lead the praise and worship.  They run all the technical aspects from lighting, to sound, to the video cameras and multimedia.  They even set-up and tear down all the chairs and technical equipment each week.

CRAVE Live! is truly and interactive experience with God's Word.  Parents are always welcome.  We meet at 2:10 pm every Thursday in the SUMMIT.  If you can't join us on Thursdays, you can always watch the recorded version on our Chapel website at

Junior High Chapel

Junior High is a very unique time in the life of a student; not yet adults but wanting to be seen more than children.  Junior High can be a battle for identity.  In Junior High Chapel we seek to provide students with Biblical truth that leaves them understanding their identity is found most not in what they do or what they can accomplish but in who they are in Christ and all that He has accomplished for them!  Every week we engage students with the identity establishing truths of Christ in an effort to motivate, encourage, and promote them to live all of their lives in response to what Christ is for them and becoming the young men and women He has made them to be!

High School Chapel

High School Spiritual Life is centered on our desire that all students realize that we see them and want to know them just as their Heavenly Father sees and knows them.  Every student has a story and our prayer is that in the process of creating a safe environment and a holistic approach to education, each student finds his or her own voice to tell that story and walk one step further with Christ.  Chapel is our chance to gather weekly to refocus on our mission and to be a catalyst for conversations that carry over into the classroom and hallways.