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LCA Cares

Thank you so much to everyone for their prayers and praises! Please complete this form to share a prayer request or a praise. 


I just wanted to pass along how impressed I am with the staff and how quickly things were organized for our kids to continue classes at home.  For Hayden and I'm sure others, it was amazing how smoothly things went.  I know a lot went on behind the scenes to make this happen and I'm sure it wasn't without hiccups, but overall it's gone incredibly well. I don't think any other school in Fayette County or the state could have pulled it off as well as LCA did. (Eric Collins, LCA Parent)

We are truly grateful for the way administration and our teachers have handled this transition. Thank you for the foresight and preparations made! We feel our girls are right on track. I cannot possibly express our thankfulness to/for Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Bentley! They have done an amazing job with our little girls this school year and throughout the homeschooling process.  (Amanda Taylor, LCA Parent)

I must say the entire LCA staff has been amazing through this tough time.  I believe my kids are getting the same education they would have before this which is a testament to everyone at LCA.  I am sure there has been a lot of hard work “behind the scenes” and we greatly appreciate it. (David Briggs, LCA Parent)

I want to truly thank you and all involved for the wonderful job that you have done with the online teaching. I realize it was and is  a very fluid situation but, it was expertly executed. We truly appreciate all efforts involved. If you would please pass this along to all that took part. We thank you again!  Have a blessed day and stay healthy. (Danielle Frank Wood, LCA Parent)

I just wanted to express our gratitude for the excellent manner in which all of LCA has conducted school since this pandemic has forced us to rely on virtual instruction and social distancing.  I realized I had told several friends and family members how we felt about LCA in these current circumstances, but thought I would drop an email to let you all know how much we really appreciate each of you.

My husband and I have been overwhelmed at the thorough and exceptional way online teaching and communication has been maintained. From the day before school was canceled back in March you all were preparing - and our kids didn't miss a beat!  From the teachers that tape instructional videos or hold online meetings, or send emails inquiring about our kids or respond quickly to our questions, to the software already in place - we are thankful.  And, grateful too for the emails inquiring about prayer needs. Please know we have been praying for you all too - the students, teachers, staff, and leaders of our school.  

I never thought our high schooler, Pierce, and our 6th grader, Amanda, would miss their teachers, coaches and friends so much - but they do! That's a testimony within itself! We eagerly look forward to the day we are back on campus. Thank you again for all you all do - God bless & protect you all. (Jessica and Mike Ragland, LCA Parents)

We hope you and your families are well. Thank you for the efforts you are making to keep our students engaged in learning. We especially appreciate your communications, web conferences and office hours. It can be overwhelming to complete numerous assignments independently for weeks. We’ve joked, school work without school is just work, no fun! So thank you for being supportive and showing you really care about students. Know we pray for you, understanding this is a challenging situation for everyone. (William and Sara Howell, LCA Parents)

Praise to God for the kind souls at LCA who took the time and effort to put those ‘hero’ signs in all our front yards. What a surprise and inspired! (Dr. Jerry Parks, LCA Teacher)

I wanted to let you both know how satisfied I am with where LCA is in terms of distance learning. Jennifer and I have been talking to parents of students in both local private and public schools in the area and LCA is way ahead of the curve on distance learning. Thank you for the preparation and preparedness to be ready to tackle this issue. My guess is LCA is right up there with UK in terms providing high quality distance learning. So, we should be proud of where we are and keep moving forward to get better so we can prepare for what could be a long road. Thank you for your hard work! (Justin Biliter, LCA Parent)

I want to let you know we could not be more pleased with how our teachers have handled this learning from home experience. So much patience, thoughtfulness, and individual attention. I am so grateful we are students at LCA during this crisis. The staff has really stepped up and loved on my children and on our family during this time. I love the constant foundation of faith in all the emails and correspondence and even prayers sent to my preschooler via Zoom. Wow, is all I can say. When the tuition email reminder came this month, I forwarded it to my husband, and he responded “Worth. Every. Penny.” and I couldn’t agree more. You all are doing an excellent job leading these teachers. I truly believe the leadership on top sets the tone that is then conveyed through the teachers to the parents and students. Keep it up, take care and STAY WELL! (LCA Parent of a preschool and 2nd grader)

Our 3rd grade team rocked it out of the park today! I was so worried going into today because of learning the new things. I knew this week would be newer materials, so I won’t lie and I will say I was honestly anxious. They are rock stars! We navigated it all. Emails were perfect and informative. The Zoom went amazing. Their instructions are on target, and it made today the absolute smoothest of this entire weeks. We are thankful for them and for each of you and I can’t tell you the appreciation we have for all of you right now! (Nicole Powell, LCA Parent)

In the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty I just wanted to pass on a word of encouragement to you. My daughter, Maggie, is in Ms. Pulliam’s 3rd grade class. The  lesson plans and instruction that have been provided for these two weeks of virtual learning at home have been amazing. The structure and sequence of each lesson makes it easy for my child to complete her lessons independently with minimal help from me...which is an extra blessing because  I, personally, am challenged when it comes to technology.  The first day or so there were glitches and a learning curve but Ms. Pulliam was wonderful at being available and helping me troubleshoot even after normal school hours. I love that the 3rd grade teachers are working together on planning and instruction so that all of our children are on the same page (virtually).  This is especially helpful as parents and kids communicate and discuss different lessons across classrooms. My older two sons had Mrs. Ford and  Mrs. Smith  and still refer to them as their favorite teachers.  Ms. Julien is without a doubt one of the most delightful women I have ever come in contact with. This is an amazing team and I have been blessed to get to know them all over the years. I’m praying for you all during this time and thank you for your leadership. We love LCA! (Amber Green, LCA Parent)

One more day and our first week of LCA virtual school is complete! There have been some highs and lows along the way as our family is learning as we go, but God is so good through it all!  We are praising God for the new perspective and appreciation we have for our amazing LCA teachers. It has been humbling as a parent to try to be the teacher for a change. Through this process the Lord has allowed bonding and a new understanding with our children of what it’s like to learn as a 4th grader, 2nd grader and a preschooler. As we are actively walking alongside them to meet their teachers’ daily goals...we are all learning and growing together as a family. The biggest blessing for us as parents is the daily scripture and encouragement and spiritual wisdom the teachers are not only giving to our children, but to us as well! We look forward to the daily task email because the way our children’s teachers minister to us through scripture, devotionals and even songs. Christ continues to unite His body of believers even if we cannot physically be together! From the prayer requests being emailed back and forth the parents communicating with encouragement and laughter...I continue to see LCA as a family I am thankful for my children to be apart of...even if that’s virtually! We can’t wait for the day our children can go back to school, but we are choosing to focus and celebrate the current blessings and lessons God has for us during this season! (Britney Moughamian, LCA Parent)

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for everything you do. You have made learning from home so simple and seamless. Each day we do our three lessons (Math, Language and Fine Motor), followed by our color collage game of I Spy. Kayden gets SO excited when I tell him that his teachers have sent something for him to learn! Today he had so much fun dancing and singing to his Chapel songs and reading his story about Ezra and Nehemiah. Ms. Inouye I read your email to him this morning and read the songs lyrics. He immediately jumped up and started singing it! I’ve attached a short little clip of his concert. (Micha Gehring, LCA Parent and Teacher)

Time with my family and the appreciation I have for my wife. She is leading our children in their school efforts at home. I am grateful for our teachers and what they do daily to teach and love our children. (Brian Ray, LCA Parent and Strength Coach)

"So thankful you all are doing this!!! We love our school!!!" (Megan Filburn, LCA Parent and Before and After Care Coordinator)

Thank you God for a good sitter that is helping keep my kids in line and is also a great teacher! (Meghan Frost, LCA Parent)

The days I’ve spent at home with my family is something I will always cherish. I’m thankful no matter the outcome for Jesus blessing me with their sweet smiles, and big hearts. I’m thankful for Brian whom works tirelessly to provide, and still smiles while coaching ball. (Sommer Cook, LCA Parent)

Praise God that we are able to provide for our family and are safe and comfortable in our home. Praise God that I am able to work from home and support my children. Praise God for my doctors who are able to provide the care I need despite the health crisis in our nation. Praise God for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are here to support and pray for each other. Praise God that we have a strong and merciful Lord who is with us through all of this storm. (Anonymous)

Our kids are doing well with home instruction! (Lauren Kostelnik, LCA Parent)

It’s been tough teaching on-line and not being able to spend time in person with my sweet students. Luckily they haven’t only been sending me their work, but also pictures of them doing silly things, their pets dressed up, or yummy treats they’ve been baking. What a blessing my students are to me! (Janna Fults, LCA Teacher)






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