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Junior High Calendar

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Summer Information

All Junior High students are required to wear the LCA approved gym clothes for P.E. classes (Blue LCA top, gray shorts).

Please use the following link to order your student's P.E. uniform: ONLINE ORDER FORM

Deadline to order is July 20, 2020.

Keep in mind that you may want to order an adequate supply of uniforms since 7th and 8th  students  have P.E. class daily for the entire year. 

Uniforms will be placed in the student's locker prior to the first day of school. 

If you are ordering for multiple children, please enter the contact and grade level information for the oldest one you are ordering for below. All items ordered will be placed in this student's locker. 

Please call the WINGS store if you have any questions - 859-422-5791 (M-F 9am-3pm).

Junior High Information

Picture Day: Sept. 23rd, 2019

Students may choose to stay in their standard uniform, but may also dress up for Picture Day. 

If so, there are some guidelines:

Girl tops – must be sleeved, non-sheer/transparent, and not low cut. No t-shirts.

Girl pants/skirts/dresses – uniform pants, dress pants (no jeggings, leggings, or tights), and dresses/skirts must hit at the knee. No Jeans.

Boy tops – dress shirts/polo’s, blazers/jackets, and bow/neck ties are permitted. No t-shirts.

Boy pants – Uniform pants/shorts and dress slacks are permitted. No Jeans.

*We ask for students to please be modest when making an outfit selection.


Spiritual Life Program

Josh Robinson

The goal of the 6th Grade Academy and 7th & 8th Grade Chapel is to develop students who: BELIEVE, KNOW, UNDERSTAND, and APPLY God's Word.

Next week our chapel journey begins by focusing on the evidence that supports the reliability and truthfulness of the Bible. From that point until Christmas break, we will be in a teaching series entitled, "The Gospel & The Counterfeits," a verse by verse exposition of Paul's letter to the Galatians.

Counseling Program (6-8th Grade)

Nancy Jaeger

Galatians 6:2 says, “Bear ye one another's burdens...” The main goal of the counselor is to help students with those concerns, academic and/or personal, which need to be shared. It is only to this end that the counselor will be successful.

Resources and services offered include assistance in educational planning, interpretation of test scores, help with difficulties encountered in class, and personal problems which arise from time to time. An appointment is all that is required to meet with any school counselor; however, students may see them on a walk-in basis, without an appointment, if they are available.



Media Center

The Rose Campus Media Center serves Lexington Christian Academy students in grades 6-12. The media center’s mission is to foster critical thinking by supporting faculty and students as they assess information and contemplate ideas from a wide array of sources, and to promote the evaluation of information and ideas from the perspective of a Biblical world and life view.

The media center staff provides students with training in research, help with information needs, and recommendations on good books.

Media Center Hours
Monday – Friday: 7:45 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
The media center closes at 12 noon on early dismissal days.

For more information, please contact


LCA Library Catalog
Search for books and other resources available in the Rose Campus Media Center.

Lexington Public Library
Search for books and resources available through the Lexington Public Library.

Digital Theater Plus
Drama & concert database *

Gale Student Research Center
Informational database *

Research in Context
Easy to use basic research on a variety of subjects *

The World Almanac for Kids
Best for grades 3-8 *

*check Converge for password information

LCA Reading Incentive:  Read Between the Spaces Information Read Between the Spaces

Online Book Review Link Book Review -- .pdf

Lexington Public Library - Search for books and resources available through the Lexington Public Library.

Family and Student Services

Contact - Kim DuFour at

  • Lunches are ordered on FACTS Family.  They can be ordered daily or for an entire week at a time.
  • All lunch orders must be entered in FACTS Family by 8:30am. Any order places after 8:30am will receive a brown bag "emergency" lunch
  • If you ordered a lunch and your student will be absent that day, you must call the office by 8:30am to cancel your order. Orders cannot be canceled after 8:30am and you will be charged for that day's order.
  • Lunch orders will be invoiced a week at a time on Friday for that week's orders. Once you receive the invoice, the charges will deduct from the account attached to your Incidentals Account in FACTS in 10 days. You can log into FACTS (via RenWeb) and pay the invoice with an alternative method of payment.


  • Grab-N-Go refers to an area in the lunch room that is set up to sell fruit, snacks, ice cream, salads, drinks and many other things.
  • Students can purchase items at Grab-N-Go during their lunch period. 
  • All charges from Grab-N-Go will post immediately to the student's prepaid Eagle Card Account.
  • Students must have funds available on their Eagle Card to make a purchase.

Click here for the 2019-20 lunch information packet. 

Parent Meeting - September 3rd, 2019

Time: 6:30pm, Location: Chapel


Pictures (toddler and current) for Slideshow DUE: TBA

"Letter to Self" Due: TBA

"Life Memories" Posterboard Display Due: TBA


Faculty & Staff

  Name Title Group
Pete Akatsa Akatsa, Pete Teacher Junior High
Shelia Allen Allen, Shelia Teacher Junior High
Melody Ballard Ballard, Melody Teacher Junior High
Lori Benson Benson, Lori Media Center Specialist Junior High
Courtnie Bentley Bentley, Courtnie Teacher Junior High
Mark Burroughs Burroughs, Mark Teacher Junior High
Nathaniel Cheeks Cheeks, Nathaniel Teacher Junior High
Leslie Clark Clark, Leslie Teacher Junior High
Clark Cranfill Cranfill, Clark Teacher Junior High
Janna Fults Fults, Janna Teacher Junior High
Micha Gehring Gehring, Micha Teacher Junior High
David Gentry Gentry, David Teacher Junior High
Jenna Gudalis Gudalis, Jenna Teacher Junior High
Wynn Harris Harris, Wynn Teacher Junior High
Eddie Hart Hart, Eddie School Resource Officer Junior High
Nancy Jaeger Jaeger, Nancy Guidance Counselor Junior High
Coleman Marshall Marshall, Coleman Principal Junior High
Jamie McCowan McCowan, Jamie Administrative Assistant Junior High
Lisa Meadows Meadows, Lisa Teacher Junior High
Mary Phillips Phillips, Mary Teacher Junior High
Chris Ray Ray, Chris Teacher Junior High
Josh Robinson Robinson, Josh JH Spiritual Life Leader Junior High
Patricia Smith Smith, Patricia Teacher Junior High
Joy Sparks Sparks, Joy Teacher Junior High
Alyse Treesh Treesh, Alyse Teacher Junior High
Paul Wilkerson Wilkerson, Paul Teacher Junior High
Becky Winckler Winckler, Becky Teacher Junior High
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