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Summer Work 2020

  • AP Calculus AB - no summer work
  • AP Calculus BC - no summer work
  • AP Statistics - no summer work

Office Forms and Documents

In January 2018, the Commonwealth of Kentucky changed the immunization requirements for students enrolled in both public and private schools, as well as day care centers. All students must have two doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine prior to the start of the 2018-2019 academic year or show evidence of having the shot series in progress. In addition, students must have the booster dose of the quadrivalent meningococal (MenACWY) vaccine at the age of 16 (previously the booster was required at age 18).

Parents must provide the school with a copy of the EPID-230 "Certificate of Immunization Status" (rev. 2017) showing that the student is CURRENT for all required immunizations. No other form of documentation can be accepted, including partial EPID-230 forms, old forms with the new shots handwritten on them or pharmacy receipts for vaccination. Students who are not in compliance with immunization requirements must be suspended from attending classes until their record is brought current and submitted to the school.

Medical Exemptions are now noted on the EPID-230 if students are unable to be vaccinated due to medical reasons.  A separate doctor's letter is not required.

Parents may also file a Religious Declination form. This is the required form and no other documentation can be accepted. Be advised that the "Kentucky immunization regulation does not permit philosophical exemptions to immunizations. Kentucky only has medical or religious exemptions to immunizations."

An audit of the immunization documents will be conducted and students whose documentation is expired, incomplete or missing will have 14 days from the date of notification to be in compliance and avoid suspension.

If you have any questions regarding Kentucky's immunization requirements for school attendance, please visit the Kentucky Department of Education website or Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services website. A brief summary of the changes to the immunization requirements is available here or see the Kentucky Public Health "Amended Immunization Regulation (902 KAR 2:060) Answers to Frequently Asked Questions" for more details regarding the new regulations.

Please complete the School Compliance Verification: KRS 159.051 form, print it in color and bring it to the LCA High School office for verification prior to applying for your student driver permit.

Students desiring to bring a non-LCA student to the 2019 Prom must complete and submit this request to the High School Office for advance permission.

Please complete the service hours form, including all required signatures, and submit to Mrs. Iler either via scan/email or hard copy.

Guidance and College Counseling

Contact - Rhi Owens,, 859-422-5744

Juniors & Seniors - 

Last names A-J
Heather Riley

Last names K-Z
Josh Palmer

Naviance Student is LCA's college guidance software. It features robust college and scholarship search engines, manages the admission application processes for students, and handles transcript and recommendation requests. 

Detailed listing of current Academic Resources, including student tutors, private tutors and on-campus support sources.

Currently enrolled students may request unofficial transcripts and other documents through the Document Request Form available in the Office Forms & Documents area above.

SENIORS must request official transcripts for college admissions in their Naviance Student account.

LCA Graduates may visit our Alumni page for information on ways to stay connected to classmates and the school, including class reunion plans.

Alumni and previously enrolled students may order official transcripts for college, graduate or professional school and prospective employers through Parchment, the nation's leading etranscript exchange. Click the graphic to create your account and order your transcript.

LCA does not keep copies of high school diplomas in our archives as they are not legal or academic documents, but are rather a certificate of completion presented as a gift to the graduate. Official certification of your completion of the high school course of study at LCA is made only through the official transcript, which notes your date of graduation.

Currently enrolled students may request unofficial transcripts and other documents through the Document Request Form available above.
SENIORS must request official transcripts for college admissions in their Naviance Student account.

  • Use your unofficial transcript and this Course Request Worksheet to map out your courses before submitting in Online Course Requests.
  • Seniors who are on track to graduate, including fulfillment of all elective requirements, may be permitted to leave school after 6th hour to begin their afterschool employment. Documentation of employment is required prior to approval of the Late Arrival/Work Release Request Form and students are required to sign out in the High School Office every day before leaving campus. Detentions will be issued if students do not sign out daily.
  • Students who were not recommended for a desired course or did not meet the prerequisites may request a waiver into their desired course. Click here to download and print the Course Placement Waiver Form and submit it to your counselor for departmental consideration. A Waiver is not necessary if a student wants to change from a recommended Honors/AP course to a College Prep level course. 

Rising seniors interested in completing a Business & Technology Internship application for Fall 2020 semester should click the link for details and a printable application. Applications must be submitted to the High School office between August 1st and 14th, 2020.

The deadline to submit and pay for 2019 PSAT registration as a non-LCA student was Friday, September 13. At this time, we are not able to accommodate any requests as all of our test seating has been assigned.

Please contact LCA prior to August 2020 to pre-arrange for October 2020 PSAT testing and secure your test seat.

Family and Student Services

Beta Club – Robyn Iler
Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy – Avery Corliss
Leadership Forum – HS Office Administration
National Honor Society – Steven Small
Mu Alpha Theta – Julie Guilliams
STLP/Robotics – TBD
KYA - Riley Perkins
KUNA – Riley Perkins
Band/Orchestra – Clark Cranfill
French Club – Dr. Janna Fults
Outdoor/Hiking Club – Jason Seamands
Drama Club – Janna Fults

Tri-M Music Honor Society -Daniel Wesley



Senior Trip
Yearbook Information

Contact - Kim DuFour at

  • Lunches are ordered on FACTS Family.  They can be ordered daily or for an entire week at a time.
  • All lunch orders must be entered in Facts Family by 8:30am. Any order places after 8:30am will receive a brown bag "emergency" lunch
  • If you ordered a lunch and your student will be absent that day, you must call the office by 8:30am to cancel your order. Orders cannot be canceled after 8:30am and you will be charged for that day's order.
  • Lunch orders will be invoiced a week at a time on Friday for that week's orders. Once you receive the invoice, the charges will deduct from the account attached to your Incidentals Account in FACTS in 10 days. You can log into FACTS (via RenWeb) and pay the invoice with an alternative method of payment.


  • Grab-N-Go refers to an area in the lunch room that is set up to sell fruit, snacks, ice cream, salads, drinks and many other things.
  • Students can purchase items at Grab-N-Go during their lunch period. 
  • All charges from Grab-N-Go will post immediately to the student's prepaid Eagle Card Account.
  • Students must have funds available on their Eagle Card to make a purchase.

Click here for the 2019-20 lunch information packet. 

High School Information

BYOD policy and Computer Usage
The Rose Campus Media Center serves Lexington Christian Academy students in grades 6-12. The media center’s mission is to foster critical thinking by supporting faculty and students as they assess information and contemplate ideas from a wide array of sources, and to promote the evaluation of information and ideas from the perspective of a Biblical world and life view.
The media center staff provides students with training in research, help with information needs, and recommendations on good books.
Media Center Hours
Monday – Friday: 7:45 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
The media center closes at 12 noon on early dismissal days.
For more information, please contact
LCA Library Catalog
Search for books and other resources available in the Rose Campus Media Center.
Lexington Public Library
Search for books and resourcers available through the Lexington Public Library.
Bloom's Online Literary Criticism
Literature database *
Digital Theater Plus
Drama & concert database *
Gale Student Research Center
Informational database *
Informational database *
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Presents both sides of current and historical issues *
Today's Science
Up-to-date articles on the latest in science and discoveries *
American History
Historical information, including primary sources, about the United States *
World News Digest
Up-to-date information on the world today *
Research in Context
Easy to use basic research on a variety of subjects *
The World Almanac for Kids
Best for grades 3-8 *
*check Converge for password information

High School Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  Name Title Group Contact
Lori Benson Benson, Lori Media Center Specialist High School
Amy Cranfill Cranfill, Amy Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Clark Cranfill Cranfill, Clark Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Matthew Cross Cross, Matthew Teacher High School, HS Faculty 859-422-5700
Meredyth Davis Davis, Meredyth Teacher High School, HS Faculty 859-277-2017
Steven Fugmann Fugmann, Steven Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Janna Fults Fults, Janna Teacher High School, HS Faculty 859-422-5119
Keith Galloway Galloway, Keith HS Assistant Principal High School, HS Staff 859-422-5764
Nikki Gehring Gehring, Nikki Secretary HS Staff
David Gentry Gentry, David Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Julie Guilliams Guilliams, Julie High School Registrar High School, HS Staff
Eddie Hart Hart, Eddie School Resource Officer HS Staff 859-422-5692
Stacey Holmes Holmes, Stacey Secretary HS Staff
Robyn Iler Iler, Robyn Teacher High School, HS Faculty
William Jamison Jamison, William Teacher High School, HS Faculty 859-422-5701
Lauren Jarvis Jarvis, Lauren Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Kenna Jasper Jasper, Kenna Teacher High School, HS Faculty 859-422-5700
Cassondra Koett Koett, Cassondra Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Kathryn McKnight McKnight, Kathryn Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Aaron Merz Merz, Aaron Teacher High School, HS Faculty 859-223-2180
Joshua Overton Overton, Joshua Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Rhiannon Owens Owens, Rhiannon Academic Counselor High School
Joshua Palmer Palmer, Joshua College Counselor High School
Jerry Parks Parks, Jerry Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Jacqueline Payne Payne, Jacqueline Teacher High School, HS Faculty 859-422-5700
Riley Perkins Perkins, Riley Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Mary Phillips Phillips, Mary Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Benjamin Piech Piech, Benjamin Teacher HS Faculty
Traci Ransdell Ransdell, Traci Teacher High School
Brian Ray Ray, Brian Strength and Conditioning Coordinator HS Faculty
T.David Redish Redish, T.David Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Heather Riley Riley, Heather College Counselor High School
Haley Russell Russell, Haley Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Jason Seamands Seamands, Jason Teacher High School, HS Faculty 859-422-5780
Christina Shoupe Shoupe, Christina High School, HS Faculty
Alyse Treesh Treesh, Alyse Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Crystal Trower Trower, Crystal Teacher High School
Betty Vanderpool Vanderpool, Betty Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Pamela Watson Watson, Pamela Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Scott Wells Wells, Scott Principal High School
Daniel Wesley Wesley, Daniel Teacher High School, HS Faculty 859-422-5701
Becky Winckler Winckler, Becky Teacher High School, HS Faculty
Eryn Workman Workman, Eryn Teacher High School, HS Faculty
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