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Family and Student Services

Contact - Megan Filburn,, 859-422-5709

Before and After Care is available for all students enrolled in TK through 5th grade

Hours of Operation

Mornings: 7:00am-8:10am
Afternoons - 3:25pm-6:00pm


Before Care: $140 per month
After Care: $240 per month
Both Before and After Care: $360 per month
Drop in VIsit: $20 per visit

Registration and Billing

LCA uses to register participants and manage day to day operations of the Before and After Care program. My Pro-Care will be used to check children in and out as well as to manage billing. Please register below.

Register HERE if you have not used before (for summer camp). This link is for NEW REGISTRANTS for the My Procare system ONLY.

Those who have used my procare for summer camp will have a link available soon to register for the Before adn After Care program at LCA. We will post this link as soon as it becomes available.

Contact - Kim DuFour at

  • Lunches are ordered in ParentsWeb. Click on Student Information, then Lunch.
  • You can order daily with the option to order a week at a time.
  • All orders must be in by 8:30am. Any orders placed after 8:30am will receive a brown bag emergency lunch.
  • If you need to cancel a lunch order, you must call the school office by 8:30am. If you do not cancel your order by 8:30am, you will be charged for the lunch.
  • Milk can be ordered as well. Remember that milk is included in a hot lunch meal. You do not need to order milk if you've ordered a meal.
  • Teachers and office staff are no longer able to add or edit lunch orders. Again, parents now have the ability to add and edit their orders every day up to 8:30 am. This can be done from your computer or through the RenWeb App on your phone or tablet.
  • Each Friday, you will be sent an invoice for your charges for the lunches you've ordered that week. The total owed will automatically be deducted from the account you have tied to your Incidentals Account in FACTS on the date shown in your invoice.  You are welcome to log into FACTS (via ParentsWeb) once the invoice has generated and make a payment with an alternative method.
  • Click here for the 2019-20 lunch information packet. 


Elementary Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Elementary Staff and Faculty

  Name Title Group
Shirley Asberry Asberry, Shirley Teacher Elementary
Kathy Bentley Bentley, Kathy Teacher Elementary
Anga Brown Brown, Anga Teacher Elementary
Laura Brown Brown, Laura Administrative Assistant Elementary
Jessica Clarke Clarke, Jessica Teacher Elementary
Janie Conder Conder, Janie Teacher Elementary
Tasha Corum Corum, Tasha Teacher Elementary
Brenda Emery Emery, Brenda Teacher Elementary
Tammy Fairchild Fairchild, Tammy Teacher Elementary
Megan Filburn Filburn, Megan Before and AfterCare Coordinator Elementary
Ashley Ford Ford, Ashley Teacher Elementary
Jacquelyn Gawel Gawel, Jacquelyn Teacher Elementary
Missy Hardin Hardin, Missy Teacher Elementary
Stephanie Harris Harris, Stephanie Teacher Elementary
Eddie Hart Hart, Eddie School Resource Officer Elementary
Suzette Hartley Hartley, Suzette Teacher Elementary
LeAnna Hensley Hensley, LeAnna Counselor Elementary
Channon Horn Horn, Channon Interventionist Elementary
Marci Hucaby Hucaby, Marci Teacher Elementary
Arianne Johnson Johnson, Arianne Teacher Elementary
Grace Julien Julien, Grace Teacher Elementary
Caitlin Kendall Kendall, Caitlin Teacher Elementary
Deana Kendall Kendall, Deana Teacher Elementary
Kristin Kincer Kincer, Kristin Teacher Elementary
Reva Lavender Lavender, Reva Teacher Elementary
Lana Ledford Ledford, Lana Interventionist Elementary
Jennifer Long Long, Jennifer Teacher Elementary
Sharon McKenney McKenney, Sharon Teacher Elementary
Rebekah Meredith Meredith, Rebekah Teacher Elementary
Dorothy Panter Panter, Dorothy Teacher Elementary
Addie Pulliam Pulliam, Addie Teacher Elementary
Sandra Redish Redish, Sandra Teacher Elementary
Michelle Reynolds Reynolds, Michelle Teacher Elementary
Mary Beth Rickard Rickard, Mary Beth Teacher Elementary
Cheri Samford Samford, Cheri Elementary Lunch Coordinator Elementary
Sarah Scott Scott, Sarah Teacher Elementary
Anna Shreve Shreve, Anna Teacher Elementary
Danielle Smith Smith, Danielle Teacher Elementary
Rebekah Straub Straub, Rebekah Teacher Elementary
Suzanne Strunk Strunk, Suzanne Classroom Assistant Elementary
Missy Thomas Thomas, Missy Administrative Assistant Elementary
Melissa Washing Washing, Melissa Teacher Elementary
Rachel Watts Watts, Rachel Administrative Assistant Elementary
Terri White White, Terri Elementary Principal Elementary
Susan Williams Williams, Susan Teacher Elementary
Amanda Willis Willis, Amanda Elementary Aide Elementary
2020-21 Update