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Transitional Kindergarten-6th Grade


Primary (TK-3rd Grade)

LCA offers primary school programming (Transitional Kindergarten through 3rd grade) at two Lexington campuses. The first is the Rose Campus located at 450 West Reynolds Road and the second is the Tates Creek Campus which is housed at Immanuel Baptist Church. The Tates Creek Campus is located at 3100 Tates Creek Road.

LCA’s primary program is an environment that provides a rich blend of strong academics combined with opportunities for individual and social growth, all from a Christian perspective.

In the primary school, a student develops a love of learning and discovers individual capabilities. Teachers are equipped with the skills to teach, the compassion to nurture, and the creativity to make the academic challenge a road to discovery. Students gain knowledge and an understanding of how all things fit together in God's plan as revealed in his Word.

Core subjects include reading, writing, vocabulary, social studies, science, math, and Bible. Special areas include art, computer, library, music, physical education, and Spanish.

Our teachers use state-of-the art tools such as Smart Boards and I-Pads to further their teaching and connect with their technologically savvy students. LCA is committed to providing its educators and students with the best tools to enhance their education experience.


Intermediate (4th-6th Grade)

The Intermediate program is the first time our students attend a centralized campus. All fourth, fifth, and sixth graders, regardless of their former primary schools, attend the Tates Creek Campus located at      Immanuel Baptist Church.

With the move to the Intermediate Campus, another transition occurs. All of our students benefit from a team of teachers. Within the team, you will have a math-science specialist, a language arts-history specialist, and a    Bible specialist. Each teacher is teaching in his or her area of specialty. Students and parents enjoy this instruction from teachers who are passionate about their subjects! 

Also during their time at the Intermediate Campus, our students focus on independent study skills, critical thinking and problem-solving. We believe the Intermediate experience helps our students prepare for the academic challenges they will face in Junior High and High School.

One special component of our Intermediate experience is the grade-level retreats. The retreat facilitates the bonding process between students, between students and teachers, and for the grade level as a whole. The material that is covered during the retreats sets the stage for the topics that the students will be studying in their weekly chapel service.