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Educating Students is our Goal... Technology is the Accelerator

Information and the use of technology to process information and facilitate learning are central to education today. Students now live in a world where vast amounts of information are immediately accessible for their use and they are surrounded by devices that provide opportunities to easily communicate, collaborate, and create. Our graduates enter a world after high school where information is power, where traditional geographic barriers crumble, where change is certain, and where the pace of change accelerates. They have never known anything else.

At Lexington Christian Academy, our goal is to use technology to enhance and improve student learning, manage student information, effectively communicate student progress to parents, and share our school mission, vision and pertinent information with everyone. 

To ensure that these goals are reached, LCA Technology will:

  • Empower students to use technology as a tool to dig deeper into God’s Word to understand how that Word applies to their lives
  • Ensure access to content from a variety of resources in a variety of styles tailored to how students learn best
  • Provide and maintain a robust, reliable and secure network infrastructure that guarantees students and faculty access to the tools that they need to gather, prepare, and present information
  • Assist administration, staff and students with training and integration supports that enhances curriculum at all grade levels through progressive and interactive resources
  • Support and encourage the development of highly educated, well-rounded students who are excited about learning and who will, as a result, become lifelong, self-directed learners

 It is an exciting time to be part of LCA!