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Leadership and Educational Trips

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. - Philippians 4:13


June 8-17, 2020

Peru is an awe-inspiring portal to the world of the Inca, one of the world’s great ancient civilizations with spellbinding sites like Machu Picchu, informative exhibits at Larco Museum, and monuments like Sacsayhuaman bring it all into focus. Travelers will be immersed in Art History and the Spanish language along with one of the most beautiful cultures in the world!

Faculty Chaperone - Mrs. Cranfill

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October 21-30, 2020

The Middle East Effect: The Illusive Pursuit of Peace and Truth is a unique look at this region of the world and biblical prophecy. We will examine the history of the Middle East, Jewish/Arab conflicts, the growth of terrorism and the impact of various views of biblical prophecy. This course is timely and peppered with first hand information from Dr. Johnson’s research and interviews in Israel, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon,Turkey, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan and Russia. Throughout this course, you will see the hand of God and be reminded of His plan to draw people to Him and to redeem them.

Faculty Chaperone - Mrs. Payne
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January 3-10, 2021

Connecting the Dots: Understanding Changing Culture and Trends: Here in the center of philosophy and great thinkers, students will study what it means to have a truly Christian philosophy of life and leadership. In a practical, humorous and life-changing way we will study various worldviews and ways of thinking about the world. We will study fascinating generational shifts in thinking, trends in entertainment/media, changing societal values and discuss where American culture and global culture are headed! 

Faculty Chaperone - Mrs. Payne
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