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Junior High


Junior high is an ever-changing, exciting, and challenging time. Young teens are dealing with many changes emotionally, physically, and socially. It is our goal to provide a safe, secure, and encouraging environment where students grow in their independence and develop academically, socially, and spiritually as they prepare for high school.

The 7th and 8th grade core subjects include Bible, history, language arts, math, physical education, and science. In addition, our students can choose from an array of elective courses including art, band, chorus, drama, foreign language, orchestra, and robotics.

The junior high experience is enhanced with a number of activities including athletics, fine arts, honor societies, academic team, mission trips, and student government. LCA’s junior high program is a thrilling and challenging time of transition as students move from the structure of elementary school and prepare them for the increased responsibilities of high school. The program is carefully designed to provide the optimum combination of activities, curriculum and instruction to meet students’ diverse needs.

The junior high’s core subjects include math, science, language arts, history, and Bible. These classes are complemented by additional studies in art, computer, foreign language, physical education as well as band, chorus, or orchestra. The junior high experience is enhanced with a number of activities including sports, fine arts, honor societies, academic teams, and student government.

There is great emphasis on the moral development of each student by providing opportunities to develop personal integrity, leadership skills, and a desire to serve the community. Highlights of our junior high students’ spiritual life include daily Bible, weekly Chapel, “Spiritual Emphasis Week,” as well as a number of outreach programs and mission trips.