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High School


Sporting events, musicals, “Dance Blue,” studying for exams, Prom, and preparing for college are all part of our students’ high school experience.

With 99% of our graduates attending college, our goal is to provide our students with a comprehensive, educational experience that prepares them for success in college and in life. Our Academic and College Counseling team begins working with freshmen to provide counseling to establish a high school plan which will give the students a greater opportunity to meet their collegiate goals. As students enter their junior year, our college counselors guide each student and family through all of the necessary steps for exploring and applying to colleges.  Our counselors take each student’s personality, skills, and strengths into account, and help students choose a college that best fits their personal needs.

Highlights of LCA’s curriculum include 14 Advance Placement (AP) Courses, 8 honors courses, dual college credit courses and an engineering Track.

An integral part of our high school is the spiritual training our students receive through Bible classes and weekly chapel programs. Students are encouraged to live out Christian principles and character traits. Service and ministry are greatly emphasized as well as mission outreach.