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6th Grade Academy

6th Grade Academy


One of the biggest initiatives in LCA’s storied history will come to fruition next fall with the launch of our 6th Grade Academy. We are raising the bar for educating these students with unique, experiential learning and teaching styles, with a strong focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) courses and electives.

We recognize that the 6th grade is a pivotal year in the educational journey of our students. For that reason, the 6th Grade Academy is uniquely designed to engage students in the learning process. Students are empowered by teachers to grow and develop important 21-century skills like critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity that prepares them for an ever-changing, highly adaptive world.

Our 6th Grade Academy is a self-contained learning environment where students receive a project-based learning experience supported by technology and utilizing highly effective, tailored teaching methods; enabling students to maximize their learning potential.

Dynamic resources like Maker Spaces and STEAM labs engage students’ imagination, allowing innovative thinking, empowering them to produce and deliver individualized work in a highly collaborative environment.

LCA is proud to launch this unique learning environment that allows each of our 6th grade students to focus their God-given talents and excel academically as they grow toward Junior High and beyond.