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  Name Title Group
Zac Barnhart Barnhart, Zac Athletic Coordinator Athletics
Coach Cravens Cravens, Coach Athletics Guru Athletics
Terry Johnson Johnson, Terry Athletic Director Athletics
Brian Ray Ray, Brian Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Athletics
Kirby Willoughby Willoughby, Kirby Assistant Athletic Director Athletics
Sharon Wills Wills, Sharon Administrative Assistant Athletics


  Name Title Group
Quentin Barnett Barnett, Quentin Technology Integration Specialist Central Business Office
Carisa Chaney Chaney, Carisa Lunch and e-Tip Coordinator Central Business Office
Tyler Clark Clark, Tyler Technical Support Central Business Office
Lisa Collins Collins, Lisa Graphic Design and Communication Specialist Central Business Office
Terri Crowley Crowley, Terri Accounts Receivable and Student Billing Central Business Office
Brian DuFour DuFour, Brian Director of Facilities Central Business Office
Kimberly DuFour DuFour, Kimberly School Lunch and E-Tip Coordinator Central Business Office
Kelly Haga Haga, Kelly Accounting Generalist Central Business Office
Neal Hall Hall, Neal Network Administrator Central Business Office
Eddie Hart Hart, Eddie School Resource Officer Central Business Office
Sabrina Holley Holley, Sabrina WINGS Manager Central Business Office
Julia Leopold Leopold, Julia Director of Human Resources Central Business Office
Joan Maggard Maggard, Joan Facilities Central Business Office
Diana Mayfield Mayfield, Diana Receptionist Central Business Office
John Morgan Morgan, John Director of Finance Central Business Office
Seth Robinson Robinson, Seth Director of Campus Operations Central Business Office
Mark D. Sisk Sisk, Mark D. Head of School Central Business Office
Lesley Sizemore-Hardin Sizemore-Hardin, Lesley Director of Constituent Relations Central Business Office
Melanie Steier Steier, Melanie Admissions Coordinator Central Business Office
Ashley Tabor Tabor, Ashley RenWeb Administrator, Webmaster and Outside Rental Central Business Office


  Name Title Group
Lisa Antle Antle, Lisa Teacher Preschool
Jennifer Biliter Biliter, Jennifer Teacher Preschool
Kathy Burroughs Burroughs, Kathy Teacher Preschool
Andrea Durr Durr, Andrea Classroom Assistant Preschool
Megan Filburn Filburn, Megan Before and AfterCare Coordinator Preschool
Lisa Harris Harris, Lisa Classroom Assistant Preschool
Eddie Hart Hart, Eddie School Resource Officer Preschool
Melissa Huff Huff, Melissa Classroom Assistant Preschool
Sandy Inouye Inouye, Sandy Teacher Preschool
Denny McCardle McCardle, Denny Elementary Principal Preschool
Melanie Patterson Patterson, Melanie Teacher Preschool
Bethany Potter Potter, Bethany Preschool Director Preschool
Teri Prigge Prigge, Teri Classroom Assistant Preschool
Rebekah Straub Straub, Rebekah Teacher Preschool
Kimberly Sypolt Sypolt, Kimberly Teacher Preschool
Leslie Wainscott Wainscott, Leslie Preschool Director Preschool
Amanda Willis Willis, Amanda Elementary Aide Preschool


  Name Title Group
Shirley Asberry Asberry, Shirley Teacher Elementary
Lori Benson Benson, Lori Media Center Specialist Elementary
Kathy Bentley Bentley, Kathy Teacher Elementary
Anga Brown Brown, Anga Teacher Elementary
Laura Brown Brown, Laura Administrative Assistant Elementary
Kim Calhoun Calhoun, Kim Teacher Elementary
Jessica Clarke Clarke, Jessica Teacher Elementary
Janie Conder Conder, Janie Teacher Elementary
Tasha Corum Corum, Tasha Teacher Elementary
Brenda Emery Emery, Brenda Teacher Elementary
Tammy Fairchild Fairchild, Tammy Teacher Elementary
Megan Filburn Filburn, Megan Before and AfterCare Coordinator Elementary
Ashley Ford Ford, Ashley Teacher Elementary
Jacquelyn Gawel Gawel, Jacquelyn Teacher Elementary
Missy Hardin Hardin, Missy Teacher Elementary
Stephanie Harris Harris, Stephanie Teacher Elementary
Eddie Hart Hart, Eddie School Resource Officer Elementary
Suzette Hartley Hartley, Suzette Teacher Elementary
LeAnna Hensley Hensley, LeAnna Counselor Elementary
Channon Horn Horn, Channon Interventionist Elementary
Marci Hucaby Hucaby, Marci Teacher Elementary
Jennifer Hurst Hurst, Jennifer Elementary Assistant Principal Elementary
Arianne Johnson Johnson, Arianne Teacher Elementary
Keith Johnson Johnson, Keith Spiritual Life Director Elementary
Grace Julien Julien, Grace Teacher Elementary
Caitlin Kendall Kendall, Caitlin Teacher Elementary
Deana Kendall Kendall, Deana Teacher Elementary
Kristin Kincer Kincer, Kristin Teacher Elementary
Reva Lavender Lavender, Reva Teacher Elementary
Jennifer Long Long, Jennifer Teacher Elementary
Denny McCardle McCardle, Denny Elementary Principal Elementary
Sharon McKenney McKenney, Sharon Teacher Elementary
Rebekah Meredith Meredith, Rebekah Teacher Elementary
Dorothy Panter Panter, Dorothy Teacher Elementary
Addie Pulliam Pulliam, Addie Teacher Elementary
Sandra Redish Redish, Sandra Teacher Elementary
Michelle Reynolds Reynolds, Michelle Teacher Elementary
Mary Beth Rickard Rickard, Mary Beth Teacher Elementary
Sarah Scott Scott, Sarah Teacher Elementary
Anna Shreve Shreve, Anna Teacher Elementary
Danielle Smith Smith, Danielle Teacher Elementary
Rebekah Straub Straub, Rebekah Teacher Elementary
Suzanne Strunk Strunk, Suzanne Classroom Assistant Elementary
Missy Thomas Thomas, Missy Administrative Assistant Elementary
Melissa Washing Washing, Melissa Teacher Elementary
Rachel Watts Watts, Rachel Administrative Assistant Elementary
Susan Williams Williams, Susan Teacher Elementary
Amanda Willis Willis, Amanda Elementary Aide Elementary

6th Grade Academy

  Name Title Group
Joni Abrahamson Abrahamson, Joni Teacher 6th Grade Academy
Melody Ballard Ballard, Melody Teacher 6th Grade Academy
Clark Cranfill Cranfill, Clark Teacher 6th Grade Academy
David Gentry Gentry, David Teacher 6th Grade Academy
Jenna Gudalis Gudalis, Jenna Teacher 6th Grade Academy
Theodore Hall Hall, Theodore Assistant Athletic Director, Head Boys Basketball Coach 6th Grade Academy
Eddie Hart Hart, Eddie School Resource Officer 6th Grade Academy
James Jaeger Jaeger, James 6th Grade Academy Director 6th Grade Academy
Nancy Jaeger Jaeger, Nancy Guidance Counselor 6th Grade Academy
Tia Matthews Matthews, Tia Teacher 6th Grade Academy
Michelle Sapp Sapp, Michelle Teacher 6th Grade Academy
Vickie Steger Steger, Vickie Administrative Assistant 6th Grade Academy


  Name Title Group
Pete Akatsa Akatsa, Pete Teacher Junior High
Shelia Allen Allen, Shelia Teacher Junior High
Melody Ballard Ballard, Melody Teacher Junior High
Courtnie Bentley Bentley, Courtnie Teacher Junior High
Mark Burroughs Burroughs, Mark Teacher Junior High
Nathaniel Cheeks Cheeks, Nathaniel Teacher Junior High
Leslie Clark Clark, Leslie Teacher Junior High
Clark Cranfill Cranfill, Clark Teacher Junior High
Janna Fults Fults, Janna Teacher Junior High
David Gentry Gentry, David Teacher Junior High
Jenna Gudalis Gudalis, Jenna Teacher Junior High
Wynn Harris Harris, Wynn Teacher Junior High
Eddie Hart Hart, Eddie School Resource Officer Junior High
Nancy Jaeger Jaeger, Nancy Guidance Counselor Junior High
Coleman Marshall Marshall, Coleman Principal Junior High
Tia Matthews Matthews, Tia Teacher Junior High
Jamie McCowan McCowan, Jamie Administrative Assistant Junior High
Lisa Meadows Meadows, Lisa Teacher Junior High
Mary Phillips Phillips, Mary Teacher Junior High
Chris Ray Ray, Chris Teacher Junior High
Joy Sparks Sparks, Joy Teacher Junior High

High School

  Name Title Group
Ingrid Allen Allen, Ingrid College Counselor High School
Gaspar Angevine Angevine, Gaspar Teacher High School
Steve Combs Combs, Steve Teacher High School
Amy Cranfill Cranfill, Amy Teacher High School
Clark Cranfill Cranfill, Clark Teacher High School
Matthew Cross Cross, Matthew Teacher High School
Meredyth Davis Davis, Meredyth Teacher High School
Callie Donovan Donovan, Callie Academic Counselor High School
Steven Fugmann Fugmann, Steven Teacher High School
Janna Fults Fults, Janna Teacher High School
Keith Galloway Galloway, Keith HS Assistant Principal High School
David Gentry Gentry, David Teacher High School
Julie Guilliams Guilliams, Julie High School Registrar High School
Robyn Iler Iler, Robyn Teacher High School
Bill Jamison Jamison, Bill Teacher High School
Lauren Jarvis Jarvis, Lauren Teacher High School
Kenna Jasper Jasper, Kenna Teacher High School
Cassondra Koett Koett, Cassondra Teacher High School
Susannah Loghry Loghry, Susannah Receptionist High School
Kathryn McKnight McKnight, Kathryn Teacher High School
Aaron Merz Merz, Aaron Teacher High School
Joshua Overton Overton, Joshua Teacher High School
Jerry Parks Parks, Jerry Teacher High School
Jacqueline Payne Payne, Jacqueline Teacher High School
Riley Perkins Perkins, Riley Teacher High School
Mary Phillips Phillips, Mary Teacher High School
T.David Redish Redish, T.David Teacher High School
Jason Seamands Seamands, Jason Teacher High School
Alyse Treesh Treesh, Alyse Teacher High School
Betty Vanderpool Vanderpool, Betty Teacher High School
Pamela Watson Watson, Pamela Teacher High School
Daniel Wesley Wesley, Daniel Teacher High School
Becky Winckler Winckler, Becky Teacher High School
Eryn Workman Workman, Eryn Teacher High School