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2017 Senior Assignment

February 24, 2017
By Mr. Burslem

Dear Parents:

The Oxford Dictionary announced recently that “post-truth”, a new word created at the beginning of this new century, was one of the most used or looked up words in 2016. Why should that matter, why is that significant? Think about it. If Christianity can be marginalized and relativized, then many think that it will eventually die. Please read on.

Last year I had the privilege of meeting with every senior on the topic of faith in God. I gave them the task of creating an argument that is reason-based and asked them to be able to defend faith factually, providing examples from the following four categories: science, philosophy, theology and pragmatics (http://www.lexingtonchristian.org/about-us/five-minutes/).

This year I am doing the same but have refocused the topic a bit. I am attaching the assignment below for you to consider as well. Essentially, I want them to think through and provide the necessity for God’s existence. Secondly, I am inviting them to explore the Scriptures and see them as credible, proving why they are reliable and credible. The last question I posed is for them to think through their own faith journey, examining Christianity from the perspective of the fulfillment it is able to provide for meaning, purpose, and direction in life.

But – and this is really my point as I meet with our students – it is not truly possible to relativize or marginalize Christianity. I want them to understand that even in today’s post-modern or “post-truth” culture, Christianity cannot simply be discarded by alternative views, contained behind the four walls of any institution, or controlled by any government’s policies. All of the evil in this world cannot drown out the message of One Man’s sacrifice for all of evil. I want them to consider Jesus in this light: a religious system tried to marginalize Him, the most powerful government with the most advanced military tried to silence Him, but death became His servant rather than His master. Christianity is Christ. There is no greater power, no name higher, and no truth that can match or compete with He who is Truth.

Let Him be made known.



We live in a world that is searching for meaning and purpose. Meaning is left up to the highest bidder in the marketplace and the most prevalent media voice which eventually ends up in our homes. Family, sexuality, reality, gender, purpose, truth – they have all become relative- meaning, it all depends on who owns the definition. Christianity is seen as one option amongst many. Critics of Christianity have made statements such as “it is mindless”, “it’s unfounded”, and “it is just one way out of many ways to satisfy one’s god-need.”

The task for the senior is to establish the notion that Christianity is existentially relevant, intellectually credible, and spiritually fulfilling in light of all of the other options that are available. Or you can provide a dissenting perspective to the Christian notion. Either way, please support your thoughts.

1. Existentially Relevant

To be existentially relevant one needs to prove or lay the groundwork for existence. Two questions must be asked and then answered. How do we exist or come into existence? Then why do we exist? If existence is of design there are implications. What are they? If by naturalistic causation what are those? Be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast Design argumentation for creation versus naturalistic causation
  2. Given the above two perspectives - design or naturalism - explain how one can find meaning in either. Can meaning be found in naturalism? Why or why not?
  3. Just because there is a Designer, does that mean there is a purpose? The basis of that question is asking, is God personal?

2. Intellectually Credible

Many people criticize Christianity as a “dumb person’s religion.” Or “you just have to believe and not use your mind.” Both of these diatribes create a major criticism for Christianity - that it is mindless. Be able to provide:

  1. Evidence of its credibility from the historical accuracy of the scriptures
  2. Proofs that demonstrate philosophical coherence

3. Spiritually Fulfilling

Is Christianity spiritually fulfilling? If so, why do so many people not pursue it? Since there are other options, can’t Christianity be just one of the many out there? Explain the following:

  1. Since Christ makes the claim that He is the only way to know God that makes Christianity exclusive. Do you support this? Why?
  2. You may have heard that all religions are similar. Explain whether this is true or not.

Extra Credit: What is one thing about Christianity that you have found difficult to understand? How have you reconciled it?

Student Led Government in Action

December 14, 2016
By Beth Groves

Last month 34 LCA high school students participated in a mock State government program in Louisville, KY.  Sponsored by the YMCA, the Kentucky Youth Assembly is the largest student government program in the nation.  Lexington Christian Students sponsored bills, debated pros and cons, argued Supreme Court cases, lobbied for certain bills, and chaired large committees.  LCA did exceptionally well as all three of their proposed bills passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate and then were signed into law by the Governor.  Our students were concerned with issues such as the maintenance and preservation of State Parks, providing additional opportunities for registered voters to have their voice heard in various polls, and providing enhanced 911 standards to the entire state.  Two of LCA’s three bill sponsor teams were awarded the opportunity to present their proposals on the floor at the Kentucky State Capitol building in Frankfort.  LCA’s judicial team argued and won a current KY Supreme Court case, with one member of the team being given the Excellent Advocate Award.  Overall, students left the three day conference having thoroughly enjoyed their time learning about the intricacies of government.

Judicial Advocates:  Cate Crosbie, Leah Collins, and Lizzie Rupp argued for Appellee in the mock Judicial Program at KYA.  Lizzie Rupp continued on to win the Outstanding Advocate award for her exemplary work on the case.
Judicial Advocates:  Cate Crosbie, Leah Collins, and Lizzie Rupp argued for Appellee in the mock Judicial Program at KYA.  Lizzie Rupp continued on to win the Outstanding Advocate award for her exemplary work on the case.


Proud Bill Sponsors:  Katherine Childers and Grace Slatery pause for a moment in the beautiful State Capitol building in Frankfort after successfully passing their bill in both the House and Senate chambers.


Delegation of Excellence:  Mr. Kevin Conforti, Y-Club and KYA Advisor, proudly holds LCA Delegation of Excellence certificate, demonstrating LCA’s effort and commitment to learning the legislative process.


A Hero in our Halls

November 11, 2016
By Mr. Burslem

Dan Reynolds, better known as “Mr. Dan” to the faculty, students, and families of LCA, returned to the hallways this morning to be honored alongside other veterans in the Rose Primary Veteran’s Day chapel program. Reynolds served as a Sargent in the Marine Core and is a veteran of the Vietnam War. Mr. Dan was a long time fixture of the LCA Facilities team, having served Lexington Christian Academy faithfully for 16 years. He was particularly adored by LCA’s young primary students for riding his adult-sized tricycle around the hallways, wearing a blue fuzzy wig as his “hair”, and always having a warm smile to those he helped around campus.

Upon his recent retirement in May, the LCA Rose Primary campus purchased a flag pole in Mr. Dan’s honor as a “thank you” for all that he did for our young students. Faculty and students alike were blessed by his commitment to our school, and have dearly missed his helping hand with carline on frigid days, seeing him in his uniform at Graduation, and his willingness to be involved in all aspects of school life. The flag now flies outside of the Primary entrance as a daily reminder of his service and dedication to Lexington Christian Academy and his country.

It was a joy to welcome our beloved “Mr. Dan” back to our hallways this morning, and to honor him alongside the other veterans that joined the chapel program this morning.



Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

October 20, 2016
By Mr. Burslem

Lexington Christian Academy strives to instill foundations of FAITH, SERVICE and EXCELLENCE in each and every one of the students that walk our halls. We love to share snapshots of what our students are currently learning, experiencing and accomplishing in the classroom, on the field, on the stage, and in the community. But we also believe that showing where our students go after they leave our halls is a great window in to the talents and God-given gifts that we hope to foster and encourage in our student body. The reach of Lexington Christian Academy alumni is far beyond Lexington, as you can see in our infographic below.

One of the benchmarks of a school of excellence is how well the graduates have done and are doing. While I have not been in touch with all of last year’s class (2016), many of them have either come back or communicated with me in some way, along with other alumni &/or their parents, confirming that our graduates do exceptionally well in college! We have an amazing educational system. Our students are taught well.

Homecoming is just around the corner, as is the Class of 2006’s ten-year reunion, and we wanted to take the opportunity to show our current families the “finished product” from our school. This month’s Parent Luncheon Series will be focused on our alumni and where they are now. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from a panel of alums spanning two decades on their LCA experience, where they went from here and what they are doing now. It is sure to be an enlightening time, as we welcome home our former students back to our hallways. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.

I do hope all members of our LCA family will join us for our festivities for Homecoming Weekend. And as always, our doors are always open to our alumni and their families. Please stop by our new Admissions & Alumni Relations suite located at the front of the high school any time to grab a cup of coffee and share with us what you are doing now.


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